July 25 –  August 7, 16, 23
This years Turandot, Puccini’s unfinished masterpiece, features Giovanna Casolla, one of the great Puccini stars who celebrates 20 years in the role of  the Opera Title.  Angelo Bertini’s successful Art Nouveau production, which enjoyed extraordinary success by audiences of the Far East during its tour in China for the inauguration of the new Zuhahi Grand Theatre.

Aug. 28

The National Opera House in Beijing, led by Maestro Yu Feng, arrives on Lake Massaciuccoli with a colossal production of Turandot for a single performance destined to remain in the annals of the Festival.

The Chinese National Opera House is an opera theatre that depends directly on the Chinese Ministry of Culture. The cast is made up of excellent opera singers active in Chinese and international opera scene. The orchestra is well known for the high quality of its performances and its rich musical repertoire.

The Orchestra participates often to the most prestigious performances in China and abroad, and is one of the country’s most popular symphony orchestras. The director of the Beijing National Opera, Yu Feng, who conducts this extraordinary Turandot, is also the theatre’s artistic director and princiipal conductor. He is professor of the Central Conservatory of China, director of the Department of Orchestra Conducting and president of the Association of Orchestra Conductors. Huquan Wang is a top level director and also a baritone.

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* The August 28 performance will be performed by the host company of the China National Opera House of Beijing which will present its own set-up with its own Director and Conductor.


TurandotGiovanna Casolla (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Wang Wei (28 August)
CalafRudy Park (25 July, 23 August)
Rubens Pelizzari (7, 16 August)
Li Shuang (28 August)
LiùAlida Berti (25 July, 7 August)
Valentina Boi (16, 23 August)
Yao Hong (28 August)
TimurLuigi Roni (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Tian Hao (28 August)
Altoum Marco Voleri (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Wang Haimin (28 August)
Ping Nicolò Ayroldi (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Geng Zhe (28 August)
Pang Gregory Bonfatti
Nicola Pamio (16, 23 August)
Li Xiang (28 August)
Pong Orfeo Zanetti (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Liu Yiran (28 August)
Un Mandarino Claudio Ottino (25 July / 7,16,23 August)
Zhang Peng (28 August)
I AncellaFrancesca Borrelli
II AncellaSofia Nagast
Principe di PersiaRoberto Ferraro


Direttore d’orchestraBruno Nicoli (25 July / 7, 16, 23 August)
Regia, scene e costumiAngelo Bertini (25 July / 7, 16, 23 August)
Light DesignerValerio Alfieri (25 July / 7, 16, 23 August)
Assistente alla RegiaLuca Ramacciotti (25 July / 7, 16, 23 August)
28 Agosto
Artistic Director and Orchestra Conductor
Choir Director
Scenes Designer
Light Designer
Deputy Orchestra Conductor
Choreographer and Assistant Director
28 Agosto
Yu Feng
Wang Huquan
Chen Bing
Du Xuan
Ma Lianqing
Zhou Zhengping
Zhao Yan
Zhu Man
Wang Quan

Orchestra of the Puccini Festival
Choir of the Puccini Festival
Choirmaster Stefano Visconti
White-Voice Choirmaster Sara Matteucci